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We had been friends for a while                                                                    

Suddenly we were lovers

And that really suited me well

I hoped it suited you too


The night we spent together                                                      

Was truly worth a memory                                                                                                          

So here are some words about it

To set it free


I had tried to fight it                                                                                                                 

´cause I was too scared

of all the confusing problems

in your head


but somehow I guess we both knew                                                

that it was bound to happen

interesting weakness



//: Philosopher                                                                                                                               

Philosopher ://


Thursday was a sleepless night                                                                          

’cause you just turned me down

And I felt like a wounded deer

In a foggy forest


I already erased your number                                                                           

From my telephone

I know it’s foolish

But that’s what I do for protection


//: Philosopher                                                                                                                             

Philosopher ://


The anger I felt that night                                                                                

Is too great to describe

It hurt inside my stomach

And I want you to know this:


I would have been so willing                                                                               

To fool around with you

But you threw a spanner into the works

Can I still be your friend?


//: Philosopher,

philosopher ://

© 2022; Luise Music / Clara Bryld   

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